Vision and Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to accelerate the transformation of the gaming ecosystem to a new era built around Blockchain and Metaverse technologies and to establish a community as a reference point through curating simple, practical, innovative solutions
Blockchain technologies, or Bitcoin as the very first blockchain implementation, have come a long way since Satoshi Nakamoto published the Blockchain whitepaper as "A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" in 2009. After more than a decade now, Bitcoin and other blockchain implementations, aka altcoins, advanced drastically and are no longer just playgrounds of a group of technology gurus or just investment commodities people buy and sell. Instead, they have started to pop up everywhere as applications that touch various areas of our lives by solving complex and interesting problems. We experience the most significant examples of this tech transformation: payment systems, decentralized finance, None Fungible Tokens-NFT, new generation-crypto/NFT enabled games, and private chain implementations in the enterprise world to address a broad range of business requirements. We cannot deny that Blockchain technologies and applications have become part of our lives and will continue to advance and shape our future.
Recently we've all heard of the concept named Metaverse. What is the Metaverse? The definition of the Metaverse is sort of a future-forward virtual world, a social 3-Dimensionals space where avatars representing individuals can meet and socialize, an ecosystem for connected platforms, applications, and technologies. It is purely a virtual reality bringing people into a virtual universe. Blockchain technologies, metaverses, and a few other core technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and the web of everything-everywhere, comprise the concept of Web 3.0. With Web 3.0, we visualize the next phase of the internet.
Blockchain and metaverse technologies transform the gaming ecosystem permanently. The way we play and develop games has started to advance towards the landscape of blockchain techs and metaverse gaming. We can define this new approach as "Metaverse gaming enriched with blockchain and NFT technologies." Blockchain technologies have already changed the merchandising methods (how we purchase games, in-game payment methods, etc.). NFT technologies keep pace by adding another perspective to the gaming industry. NFTs are digital assets that hold value due to their provable uniqueness or collectibility. Game players can claim actual ownership of in-game items as digital art pieces. NFTs can be resold on secondary marketplaces and loaned out. Nobody can take NFTs back from the gamers, not even the developers.
Metaverse gaming allows us to play games in the new virtual world with a very similar perception to the real world. It means that players will have the actual feeling of gaming from the first-person point of view. Metaverse gaming, NFT, and blockchain technologies create a single unified ecosystem that opens the doors of this new world to everyone with unlimited opportunities. To give a specific example, a game designer will be able to design a unique metaverse avatar and have it legitimized as an NFT art piece on an NFT network of his choice, use it in different metaverse games, and advertise it on other marketplaces with full interoperability.
At Wodo Gaming, we aim to accelerate Web 3.0 Gaming transformation and adoption by developing simple, innovative, interoperable solutions within an active community. We are building everything around a community so that we can grow together. We want you to be a part of it and enjoy the road with us.
We foster the following principles;


We simplify all these technological complexities of blockchain, NFT, and metaverse gaming world for everyone. Simplicity is a compelling yet challenging way to embrace. We build simple, practical, and usable platforms, services, and solutions with an active community to "make blockchain and metaverse gaming features available to anyone, anywhere, anytime."


We adhere to the existing standards, contribute to determining new standards in the blockchain and metaverse gaming ecosystems. The mindset we believe; platforms, and solutions we develop help community members and game developers develop/design their games rapidly in a consolidated and interoperable way regardless of fragmented blockchain, NFT, and metaverses implementations in the ecosystem. "Develop once, run everywhere."


We are well aware that we are part of a greater whole. We are keen to accelerate the Web 3.0 transformation with the community and innovative platforms & solutions we build. "Innovate, collaborate, accelarate"


Transparency, collaboration, democratization, and decentralization are pillars of the blockchain and metaverse gaming transformation. We know that we are stronger together. We establish an active community to accelerate the Web 3.0 transformation. "Communicate, share, influence."
"Player one is ready. Join the revolution."

Our Values


We cultivate transparency in our organization and reflect the same value to our community and partners. We strive to communicate entirely in an open way towards our community and partners; what we are doing, where we are in the plans, how we progress towards our vision.


We treat everyone we encounter with compassion, seeing the humanity behind their problems and experiences.

Community Mindset

We believe in collaboration, sharing and diversity. We adopt mindful working & communication practices to create safe and open spaces in our working environment and community.


We understand the complexity of the technology landscape we are in. We learn continuously and seek to build something new that takes the community and us forward. We perceive innovation as a culture.


We challenge our work and adhere to high-quality standards. Our processes are continuously revised and updated. We combine state-of-the-art technology, fundamental development practices and our work culture to provide the highest quality.
Good to know: Every stop on the road to a successful Wodo platform has to be full of joy.
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