Game Hub

Game Hub is an online social arena where wodo community members - players - play online Wodo games with other community members, join tournaments, and earn instant cryptocurrencies and NFTs while playing. Plenty of games - developed by Wodo Team and other game developers/companies- are playable on the Wodo game hub. Community members can socialize, attend tournaments, play multiplayer wodo games with leaderboards, and discover unlimited opportunities in the gaming ecosystem.

Based on players' activity, engagement scores on the wodo gaming community, they can collect air-drops and be eligible for intensive and staking programs. The gaming hub is seamlessly connected to the marketplace, game store, and launchpad solutions. It helps players reach all features of the ecosystem from a single point and stay engaged with all activities.

Game hub fundamentally leverages two new aspects of the crypto-enabled games:

Play-to-earn is a blockchain game model where players play crypto-enabled games and earn assets in the form of tokens or other rewards that can be used in the game or traded in an open market. Players become part of communities and are rewarded with cryptocurrencies while playing.

Play-to-collect is a new concept in NFT-based games. In this modern online gaming, players can collect their in-game assets and trade them within the game's ecosystem. In-game items and products are stored on a distributed public ledger or blockchain running on a crypto network. Players own globally distributed digital assets that aren't limited to gaming purposes.

Game Hub is tightly integrated with Wodo Gaming's Game Store and Marketplace. It is one of the key advantages that Wodo Gaming offers to game developers and gaming companies. They leverage Wodo Gaming's solutions and tools to develop blockchain-enabled games and publish their games to Wodo community on Game Hub with full integration with Game Store and Marketplace. Th

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