When it comes to leveraging a rapidly-evolving new technology, there are always obstacles and challenges to incorporating such new capabilities into existing solutions. Blockchains and the Metaverse have an impressive technological background. But the adoption of blockchains and metaverses in the gaming ecosystem has yet to be realized to its full potential.

Wodo Gaming Platform

The platform is the core of the wodo gaming ecosystem. It empowers game developers to use simple, interoperable blockchain APIs, NFT APIs, and metaverse APIs for accelerating the game development phases in a unified and secure way.

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which allows two applications to interact with each other without having to know how they’re implemented. APIs hide complex implementation details from their consumers and expose simple and understandable functionality to the outer world. Furthermore, API-driven approach allows API owners to change backend API implementations without breaking end-to-end business models or functionalities. API consumers can keep using the same API methods with no change. The following diagram illustrates how the wodo gaming platform leverages the key API-driven design aspects.

With respect to the diagram above, game developers do not need to know in detail how the platform APIs and services work to process and finalize a blockchain transaction among the blockchain nodes. Blockchain API, as a platform service, handles this heavy-lifting task. Game developers focus on understanding how they can conveniently make use of the APIs and services in the request/response paradigm within their codebase. If there is a change, or a new functionality available on the platform, such as adding a new blockchain network to the supported blockchains list, perhaps game developers incorporate the changes into their codebase with a minor tweak.

API-Driven Design

Platform APIs and services are the primary foundations of the wodo gaming platform.They provide a consistent feature set and unique capabilities to meet game developers' development challenges and technical demands while developers implement their in-game use-cases on the blockchain networks, NFT networks, and metaverse platforms. As the blockchain and metaverse industries advance and look for further growth opportunities, keeping a seamless developer experience is paramount for game development industry.To achive that, the platform offers an extensiable and plugable architecture that allows developers to add new capabilities in a standard way. Platform's API definitions and plugin implementation guides are publicly available for wodo developer comminities.

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