Wodoland is the first game design and implementation built on top of the wodo gaming platform. It is an MMORPG in which gamers enjoy a sophisticated world, complete scenarios, and quests, compete with each other, trade/exchange in-game assets, and earn cryptocurrencies and NFT items.

The game is fully integrated with the Wodo gaming solutions including Game Hub and Marketplace. Wodo Gaming Token(XWGT), Nano(XNO), and Banano(BAN) cryptocurrencies will be supported as in-game currency in the MVP version of Wodoland. Wodo community members can onboard themselves into the game by "one-click" zero-touch registration through the game hub. Wodo gaming platform associates member profiles to the game smartly and allows community members to use their crypto wallets instantaneously in the game. It is the advantage of Wodo's integrated solutions that allow community members to enjoy all features and games via one unified ecosystem

Wodoland is designed based on play to earn and play to collect concepts. Gamers will be able to form guilds and compete against each other. In-game NFT assets can be traded or exchanged through the in-game marketplace or Wodo Marketplace solution out of the game.

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