Game Hosting

The gaming industry will be decentralized and democratized more and more with the influence of blockchains. This change will lead to more independent game developers and gaming startups building games in the gaming ecosystem.

Wodo Gaming Solutions are designed to increase access to active blockchain gaming communities for independent game developers and gaming startups.

To fulfill existing gaps in the market, Wodo has designed the game server fleet. It is a framework for hosting, running, monitoring, and scaling dedicated game servers. All crypto-enabled games are available to Wodo community members through the Wodo Gaming Hub. Games are deployed, hosted, and managed by the game server fleet.

Wodo believes it is essential for game developers to have a smooth game deployment flow and have designed an overarching SaaS platform that facilitates interoperable access to game design and construction in the Wodo gaming ecosystem

Additionally, Wodo are actively creating a dynamic hosting environment centered on global availability, low latency, easy management, elasticity, scalability, and data driven analytics.

The game server fleet offers dedicated game server capability that enables a reliable, stable, and low latency deployment environment for a smooth gaming experience. Game developers avoid the heavy-lifting of game deployment and management process and focus on game development Ultimately the game server fleet delivers responsive multiplayer gaming anywhere in the world.

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