NFTs are built around the idea that digital content can be scarce just like physical assets and can therefore be globally owned and traded. NFT attributes rely on blockchain technology to verify the provenance of digital content that a given work of an asset is, in fact, the original and not a replica. Gamers prefer games where they can collect NFTs and own a part of that universe. NFT compatibility will be an attractive and must-have feature for game developers.

The Platform NFT APIs define a standard way of NFT network integration into the wodo platform. Game developers can use the NFT APIs to create digital game content and in-game assets, skins avatars as collectible NFT items over their preferred NFT network. Community developers can implement and plug any kind of NFT network integration as NFT engine implementations. Out of the box, the wodo platform has a variety of NFT integration implementations. The API definitions also adhere to the industry standards, Once NFT engines are implemented and integrated into the wodo platform, all functionality and capabilities are made available to the public world (developers, game developers, 3rd party companies) via public APIs of the wodo platform.

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