What is Wodo Gaming?

Wodo Gaming is a unified gaming ecosystem to develop, publish and play next-generation blockchain, NFT, and metaverse games within an active community. It offers Wodoland MMORPG, end-2-end gaming solutions, and a social arena where gamers and game developers come together to develop, publish and play next-generation games. Wodo Game Hub, Game Store, Marketplace, Launchpad, and Development Kits comprise the Wodo gaming ecosystem. As a passionate gamer, you can enjoy plenty of games, attend tournaments, and earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs on Wodo Game Hub, or you can develop your avatar, live your own destiny, walk on your own path in the open world of Wodoland MMORPG. As a game developer, you can build your blockchain/NFT and metaverse games using Wodo platform capabilities, development kits and introduce your games to the Wodo community.

Official websites : https://wodonetwork/ , https://wodo.io/

Pitch deck: https://docs.wodo.io/wodo-gaming/pitch-deck

White paper: https://docs.wodo.io/wodo-gaming/whitepaper

Documentation: https://docs.wodo.io/

Github repositories: https://github.com/wodo-platform

What is Wodo(XWGT) token utility?

XWGT is the foundational token used as main asset in the wodo gaming ecosystem. It is an BEP20 investment token that will be traded in exchanges, and it will be the primary token for the following use cases:

  • "Play-to-Earn", "Play-to-Collect" token along with any other cryptocurrencies in Wodo Game Hub and Wodo Marketplace. Gamers will be able to earn XWGT tokens by attending tournaments and playing games developed upon Wodo Gaming solutions and published on Wodo Game Hub. %20 of all XWGT tokens are reserved to distribute among wodo community members over 10 years vesting period.

  • It is the primary in-game token of Wodoland game.

  • Gamers can trade their in-game earned items such as NFTs using XWGT in Wodo Marketplace.

  • Game Developers will be able to use XWGT to pay any kind of fees for Wodo GamingSolutions such as Game Store fees and blockchain API usage fees.

Where can I find XWGT tokenomics info?

Tokenomics details can be found on Tokenomics.

XWGT smart contracts audited?

Yes. XWGT token smart contract and vesting contracts have been audited. You can find the audit report at this link.

XWGT is a BEP20 token that runs on Binance Smart Chain. BSC also officially confirmed the validity of XWGT token. You can find the official XWGT token info on BSC network at this link.

XWGT is a mintable token?

No. XWGT has 1 billion fixed cap, not possible to mint/add more XWGT tokens. Wodo Team aims to protect the investors and price balance over the course of time More details can be found on Tokenomics.

XWGT is a burnable token?

Yes. XWGT has a burnable characteristic that allows Wodo Team to balance total circulated XWGT tokens. Token burning events will be decided and announced by Wodo Team

How do I get Wodo(XWGT) tokens?

We will start public sale rounds on launchpads in July 2022, followed by central exchange listings(CeX) on the 15th of August, 2022. Please visit our website, register for our newsletter, and get whitelisted for public sales. You will be notified via email. You can also follow us from our social media accounts for the launch dates.

How can I earn some XWGT Tokens?

There are numerous ways to earn XWGT tokens. You can sign up to Wodo Game Hub and earn tokens by playing games and being an active member of the wodo gaming ecosystem. %1 of all XWGT is reserved for airdrops. You can follow our social media channels to catch airdrops and giveaways.

Whom should I contact for marketing inquiries?

You can contact our CMO Ozgur Ozmen, mail: ozgur@wodo.io, TG handle: @ozgurozmen23 , Discord: ozoz#8523

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