Metal Impact


Metal Impact is a shooter game with first-person shooter mechanics. Players can play in different game modes, testing their strategic thinking and quick reaction skills. Although the aim of the game varies depending on the modes, it is to get the highest score by defeating the opponents.
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The game features two characters, male and female. Players can customize the appearance of their game characters, including clothing and skins, as they desire. These customization options allow players to make their game characters unique and enhance their gaming experience. Metal Impact is a collection of game mechanics that includes multiple game modes. Our most basic actions in the game are based on moving, looting, collecting items and shooting. Moving allows the character to move around the game world. Players can freely move around in a large and detailed game world, explore the environment and reach different places.
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Each mode features different weapon and armor combinations, and players can collect these items to create their own unique playstyle. In this way, each gaming experience becomes unique and players can make the game more impressive by trying different tactics.
Shooting allows players to attack enemies using the weapons their character has. Players can explore a variety of weapons, try out weapons with different fire modes, and strategically fight enemies using each weapon's unique features.
Players engage in battles within limited areas of an integrated large map, depending on the game mode they are playing. For example, if the Battle Royale game mode is selected, the entire map will be available for use.

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Metal Impact Preview