Non-Fungible Tokens or persistent digital items are built around the idea that just like physical assets, digital content too can be scarce and can therefore be globally owned and traded. Market places rely on blockchain technology to verify the provenance of digital content that a given work of an asset is in fact the original and not a replica.

NFT items are a new way for players to engage with games and might even attract those who don’t play the game itself. Players earn game rewards, items, skins, etc in games and for contributions to the game ecosystem, which can then be exchanged outside of the game via the marketplace.

Wodo gaming marketplace extends fundamental features of streamlined marketplaces and augments additional feature set for specif needs of the gaming ecosystem. The augmented features work seamlessly with other services and APIs in the platform.

Developers leverage the marketplace services and APIs to tune in-game dynamics and use cases. Analytic data and recommendation services provide developers with insights, trends, and user interests. Users/players trade their NFT assets via Web and Mobile interfaces.

Gamers prefer games in which they can collect NFTs and own a part of that universe. NFT compatibility will be an attractive and must-have feature for game developers.

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