Game Store

Wodo game store is an interactive space where game players discover a wide spectrum of blockchain and metaverse games. It is a digital collection of blockchain, NFT, and metaverse games approved for use by Wodo Gaming. Players browse, purchase, review, and rates games through the web or mobile interfaces of the game store.

The games listed on the game store are officially approved by the game store operators. The games are reviewed carefully to make sure that they conform to the wodo gaming criteria and guidelines considering security, digital economic models, blockchain, metaverse and NFT compatibilities, etc.

When a wodo community member - a game player - purchases a game on the game store, the platform initiates the "player onboarding" flow for the game purchased. The player info is sent to the backend game system, the game token is activated and made visible in the player's crypto wallet. Once the installation of the game is completed, the player gets ready to enjoy the game. The platform drives complicated tasks related to blockchains and cryptocurrencies behind the scene

Game developers publish their games through a well-defined automated flow. Upon publishing a game, the game store services start to collect analytic data about the game based on several aspects such as ratings, reviews, searches, and downloads. The collected data is compiled, interpreted, and exposed to game developers as insights over a web interface.

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